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Apple Crisp:

5 C Granny Smith Apples (Peeled, Cored and Sliced)

1 C Brown Sugar (Packed)

1/4 C White Sugar

3/4 C Flour

3/4 C Oats

1.5 Tbsp Apple Spice 
(freshly ground and available in our store)

1 Stick of Butter (Softened)

Dash of Salt

Wash, peel, core and slice apx 6 apples to yield 5 Cups.
Toss apples with 1Tbs of Apple Spice and 1/4C
white sugar and a sprinkle of salt. Set aside
Mix flour, oats, brown sugar and 1/2 Tbs Apple Spice in a separate bowl.
Add softened butter and mix well with a fork or
pastry blade until crumb texture is achieved.
Butter a 9″ square pan and add apples as an even layer.
Pour crumb topping over apples and press down
flat and into all the nooks and crannies around
the edge.
Bake at 350 for 45-50 minutes
Use a 9×13 pan for a double batch.

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