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Apple Popovers:

3           Fuji Apples 
(Peeled, Cored and Diced)

2/3 C       Brown Sugar (Packed)

2 Sheets    Puff Pastry

1           Egg (Beaten)

1/2 Tbsp    Apple Spice 
(freshly ground and available in our store)

2 Tbs       Butter

2 Tbs White Sugar 
1/4 tsp Apple Spice

Cook apples with butter, brown sugar,
and spices in a sauté pan over medium
heat until apples are tender.
Cut pastry into squares, place 1 tbsp of
apples on one corner of square, fold
dough over forming a triangle and pinch edges slightly.
Place on a parchment lined baking sheet
Lightly brush beaten egg on top of each
triangle and sprinkle with sugar/spice mixture.
Bake at 400 for approx 10 minutes

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