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Cream of Mushroom Soup

16 oz     Portabello Mushrooms
32 oz     Crimini Mushrooms 
4 C       Shallots  

14        Garlic cloves 

1         Parsley bunch

1 Quart   Heavy Cream

2 Sticks  Butter

2         Chicken broth cans

1         Vegetable broth can

2 Tbs     Salt

1.5 Tbs   Black Pepper

2 Tbs     Better than Bouillon       
          Chicken Base    
          (low sodium)
1/2 C     A.P. Flour
Run garlic and shallots through a food processor
Run mushrooms through a food processor.
Melt half a stick of butter in a large pot and sweat the
mushrooms on medium-high. Add 1/2 Tbs of salt.
Mushrooms should give off a lot of water and then start to dry up.
Once the water has rendered then turn down to
medium and reduce until the mushrooms smell nutty.
Add the second half of the butter stick along with
the garlic and shallots. Cook until reduced and
shallots are translucent.
Pluck all the parsley leaves and place in a blender
with the remaining salt, pepper, chicken base, and
as much of the 3 cans of broth you need to blend it.
Add blender contents and remaining broth to the
pot and bring up to a high simmer.
*If you have an immersion blender that will work
wonders on getting a uniform creamy soup. If you
do not then I would suggest running everything in
the pot through your blender and return it to the
pot before you heat the whole mixture up.
Combine the flour and remaining butter in another
small sauce pan and heat on medium-low until a
dark blonde roux is formed.
Turn off the heat once done.
Meanwhile, taste your soup and make any flavor
adjustments you need. Soup should be very bold,
don’t under season here. Add the cream a cup or
so at a time, taste as you go, and make any final
adjustments you want.
When the flavor is how you want it then stir in the
roux and bring up to medium-high temp.
Continue to stir until thickened.
Place a splatter screen or lid, ajar, over the pot
and reduce down as far as you can without burning it.
The soup will be very thick which is good, you are
looking to make a concentrate here.
This recipe makes apx a half gallon and I usually
can this for future recipes.

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