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Below you will find a recipe and instructions on how to use the current test product as well as what kind of feedback we are looking for. The link for the short 10 question survey we need you to fill out is also provided below. We would appreciate it if you take a look at the survey before you prepare the recipe so you have an idea of what aspects of the flavor profile you should be mindful of as you try our product.
We need you to tell us your honest opinion. Don’t worry about hurting our feelings and don’t hold any punches; we need the unapologetic version of your opinion on what we sent you.

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We have sent you 2 Tablespoons of Greek Seasoning to make this recipe below. Please follow the recipe exactly so that the feedback we receive from everyone who participated will be easily comparable.

Greek Grilled Chicken

2-2.25 Lbs   Chicken leg/thigh meat.

2 Tbs       R&R Greek Seasoning

4oz         Olive Oil

4oz         Lemon Juice

Zest        Of 2 Large Lemons

1 Tbs       Salt(rounded)

Mix all ingredients except chicken in a blender
and pureé until emulsified. Marinade should yield apx 10 oz by
volume. Pour off 4 oz of marinade and reserve in the fridge.
Place chicken in a bowl and cover chicken in the remaining
6 oz of marinade, coating well. Submerge chicken as best as you
can and then cover your bowl with plastic wrap and place
in the fridge for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, allow the chicken to come up to room temperature
for an hour and fire up your grill or preferred cooking method.
We strongly recommend a gas grill for cooking this recipe.
Cook chicken to desired doneness while using any leftover marinade
from the bowl to baste during the cooking process.

Once cooked, chop up the chicken into bite-size pieces and place
into a clean bowl. Blend the remaining marinade
from the fridge again to make sure it is well emulsified
and pour over the cooked and chopped chicken. Toss well
to coat completely with the reserved marinade.
Serve alongside your favorite side dishes!

Watch how to make this recipe!

Grilled vegetables or a Greek Salad complement this chicken very well as does a lebanese style rice. These are our favorite side dishes to serve with this chicken, but feel free to serve it alongside whatever you would like.

To make Lebanese Style rice you will need:

3/4 C    Basmati or Jasmine Rice

1/2 C    Vermicelli pasta or Orzo

2.25 C      Liquid. All water, all chicken broth, or 50/50

*Optional-   Some minced garlic adds a nice flavor to the rice

Brown the rice and pasta in butter together in a
dutch oven or sturdy pot. If using Garlic, add
during the browning process. If using all water
or low sodium chicken broth then add
1-2 tablespoons of salt to your liquid.
Add liquid, stir well and bring to a boil quickly.
Place a lid on the pot and let simmer for
20 minutes. Using a pot with a clear lid helps
to see when the rice is done. Don’t open the
lid while it cooks!

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