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Bad A$$ Burger Seasoning

A versatile blend for all your burger needs!

 Whether you’re making an epic half-pounder or an array of bite-
sized sliders, you want your burgers to taste the best they can! Our
Bad A$$ Burger seasoning is the perfect compliment to perk up
that beefy flavor while still leaving room for other flavors to shine.
Bring on the bacon, cheese, and sauces because this seasoning
can take anything you throw at it! It is best to season your patties
ahead of time or work it into your ground meat if making your own
patties. Season liberally, cook however you want to, and enjoy!!!

Like it, love it, or leave it? We need to know!

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Here's what you need to know!

Bad A$$ Burger Seasoning contains both salt and sugar as well as nutritional yeast. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer this product in a salt or sugar-free version for testing. Nutritional yeast contains naturally occurring forms of Glutamic acid. If you are highly sensitive to glutamic acid then this Flavor Squad™ campaign may not be best for you. Please only participate in this campaign if this is within your current diet.

If you have any dietary restrictions, besides those mentioned above, or concerns about being able to complete this campaign as described then please email us directly and we can figure out the best way for you to participate.

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~If this is your first time participating, or it has been a while, please take a moment to read the Rules and Requirements section at the bottom of this page~

Instructions and Directions

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The sample will ship with 2 QR code links that will take you directly to the Survey we need to be filled out by everyone who receives a sample as well as the full Recipe and Instructions of how we would like you to use and prepare this product.
If you simply scan the QR code with your phone camera it will take you directly to the survey in your browser.
The Recipe and Instructions page has the full description of this new item and the recipe, instructions, and guidelines we would like you to follow when testing this product.

Thank you for your help in developing the next great flavor in our ever-growing line of products!

Deadline to order your sample is:
July 27th 2021
Deadline to submit your completed survey is:
August 17th 2021

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Rules and Requirements:

Everyone who tries the product and fills out the survey by or before the submission deadline will remain in the Flavor Squad™ program and be at the top of the list for future marketing offers, promotions, and sales. Anyone who doesn’t respond in the desired time frame will still receive future marketing, promotion, and sales offers, but will be removed from the Flavor Squad™ program. This program is by invitation only and we need people to take it seriously to make the cost to us to provide free product a worthwhile endeavor; thank you for your understanding. If this product does not interest you there is no need to respond and you will still continue to receive future offers within the Flavor Squad™ program. You are not required to respond to every offer, but we do expect your complete participation if you choose to respond.