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Green Bean Casserole

4 Cans    Green Beans

12 oz     Cream of Mushroom Soup      
1 C       Shallots

1.5-2 C   Crimini mushrooms 

16 oz     Bacon 
          (Cooked and chopped,
           save rendered fat)
1 Tbs     Butter

1/2 C     Milk

#         Fried onions to cover

Cook bacon ahead of time, cool and chop.
Save bacon drippings.
Saute Mushrooms in a Tbs of Butter on
high until moisture has evaporated off.
Add 2 Tbs bacon drippings and Shallots.
Sweat on medium heat until cooked.
Mix beans and soup together in large
mixing bowl and cut with milk as you
go to make it easier to stir.
Add cooked bacon. Add sauteed
mushrooms and shallots.
Mix all and press into a pan.
Coat completely with fried onions.
Bake for 45 @ 350
This is best with homemade Cream
of Mushroom Soup! Link to the recipe
below 🙂

Check out our Cream of Mushroom Soup recipe


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