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All you have to do to join the Flavor Squad™ is join our site by creating your own user name and password and opt-in to our mailing list, that’s pretty easy right?! As a member of our site you will be eligible to earn Flavor Bucks™ within a points-based system that rewards you for purchases and engagement with us on this site. You will earn Flavor Bucks™ for each purchase made, each product review left, each signup from your personal referral link, and many more ways including participation in our Flavor Squad™ taste tester campaigns! Flavor Bucks™ are redeemable for real dollar discounts on all your purchases at checkout!
To see your Flavor Bucks™ balance and history, as well as your referral link,
click on “Flavor Bucks™ Balance” under “My Account” which you can click on below or at the top of any page.
To learn more about this program and all the ways you can earn Flavor Bucks™ just click the link below!

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Are You Receiving Our Emails?

*To ensure that you receive all of our emails with blog and product updates as well as our sales, coupons, and promotions you need to be on our mailing list! If you have not signed up for the mailing list yet then fill in the form below. Make sure to tell us your Birthday so we can send you a coupon!
If you have already signed up for the list but are not receiving emails then it is likely that your email client is filtering our emails into your spam/junk folder or, as is often the case with Gmail users, our emails end up in your Promotions tab. If you add to your contacts list that should get most of our mail through.

Specifically for Gmail users, email filters are very strict and even the best emails get sorted away and you never see them if you only check your inbox.

How to whitelist our emails in your Gmail:

– If our emails are going to your promotions tab, then simply drag our email over to your Inbox (labeled as the primary tab in tab view) and let go.
A message should pop up at the bottom and ask if you would like to do this for future emails from this sender. If so, please choose yes!
-If you find emails from us in your Gmail spam folder, open our email and click the “Not Spam” button.

1.  Right-click any email that you have received from us and open it in a new tab and keep this tab open for instructions.
-Then click on the 3 little vertical dots next to the left-facing “Reply” arrow at the top right of that email.
*If you clicked “not spam” on an email, that email should have moved to your inbox as well.
2. Click “Add Rae&Ryan’s Gourmet Foods/ to “Contacts list
3. Again,  click on the 3 little vertical dots next to the left-facing “Reply” arrow at the top right.
-The third or fourth option down will be to: “Filter messages like this” Click that and a window will pop up.
– Make sure the “From:” field says ““, (If not, type it in), if so then just click “Create Filter”.
4. On the next menu page, check the box that says “Never send to spam” and the next to last checkbox has an option for “Categorize as” with a drop-down menu.
    – From the drop-down menu, choose “Primary”. After you have done that just click “Create Filter”

That’s it!!

Moving forward all emails from will go directly to your inbox and not be subject to being filtered to other tabs or junk email.
We appreciate the amount of effort it takes to do this just one time so you can stay engaged with us!

For a complete list of instructions for each Email Service Provider check out the link below:

How to Whitelist Email from Rae&Ryan’s Gourmet Foods
for Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo & More

Thank You!