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New Flavors for the Grill!

Kick up your Steak, Kung Pao, or Char-siu

Chinese 5 Spice
Steak it Easy

Chinese 5 Spice

Your new secret weapon!

Chinese 5 Spice is a magical combination of
unexpected flavors, that at first glance, do
not look compatible. The star of the show here
is the Szechuan pepper; this pepper is very
unique and irreplaceable!
Although not actually a pepper, it has a
remarkable citrus note in its flavor and a
characteristic numbing/tingling sensation when eaten.
This spice blend is essential in Kung Pao,
Mapo Daufu, and Char-Siu BBQ. Chinese 5
spice will take your taste buds on a journey
that will check all the boxes and leave you
wanting more. Great in a savory dish and
equally exciting in a sweet dessert!

Try an authentic classic Kung Pao!

Steak it Easy

Kick up your steaks this summer!

Whoa, whoa man, just steak it easy!
You really don’t need to overly complicate a
good piece of meat. Sure, there’s times you
need to church it up, but most of the time
the basics, done right, is best.
Ironically, the ingredients for this blend
doesn’t look basic, but we assure you that it
is very balanced and perfectly accentuates the
beefy flavor of steak in ways you wouldn’t imagine.
It is best if you apply the rub very liberally and
allow to rest in the fridge for a few hours or
overnight before cooking. Cook hot and fast and enjoy!

Balanced with Umami to accentuate the beef!