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Welcome to the Flavor Squad Rewards Program

It pays to be a member of our site!

We are pleased to announce our rewards program and cordially invite you to participate!

Some of you are new to the Flavor Squad™, some have been participating since the beginning, and many of you have likely never heard of it. The Flavor Squad™ started as a test panel for new products nearing release that we need feedback on and that is still the primary function of the program. If you have not participated in a Flavor Squad™ campaign yet, then you’re missing out! That program is by invitation only and you have to keep an eye on your email to know when we are starting one.
For the full details of the Flavor Squad™ test panel click the logo below so you don’t miss out!

For the Rewards Program details keep scrolling down.

Rewards Program Details

All you have to do to join the Flavor Squad™ Rewards Program is to join our site by creating your own user name and password and opt-in to our mailing list, that’s pretty easy right?! If you already have a login then there’s nothing more you need to do. You can check your current balance under your “My Account” page
The Flavor Squad™ rewards program is a points-based system that allows you to earn points for various activities which you can then redeem for a cash value when you make a purchase on the site. There are many ways to earn points and most of them are simply by engaging with us on the site and letting your friends know about all the great flavors we have to offer!
We at Rae&Ryan’s Gourmet Foods are trying to build a community where people can learn new cooking techniques on our blog, find and share recipes, and have a resource to come to even when it isn’t time to buy something yet. More so than just simply increasing the number of customers we have, we truly enjoy having a community to engage with over our shared passion for food. We have come to know many of you much better over the past few years and are enjoying our new found friendships!
Below is a table that lists all the different ways you can earn points, how much each activity is worth, and what the requirements for participation are.
Your Current 
1,000 points = $1

ActivityRequirementsPoint Value
New Customer Signup
All new customers will receive a signup bonus
2000 Points
Referring a new member
New member must use your personal URL referral link to receive credit.
Your referral link, points balance, and social media links are available on your
“My Account” page
250 points per referral
Referral completes a purchase
If someone you directly referred with your personal URL link makes a purchase
then you will receive points after they successfully complete their first transaction.
5,000 points
Making any purchase with a legal tender. Points are not accrued for any portion of a transaction paid for with points.
Points will be credited once the transaction is completed in full. Any refunds or cancelled orders will deduct the appropriate prorated amount of points
50 points per Dollar spent
Product review
You will earn points for each product that you have purchased and leave a review
for on the product page. The review section is on a Tab down next to the main product
description. Reviews are subject to approval before points are awarded and must be
thoughtful and helpful. A simple “Yum!” or “loved it”, is not a thoughtful review.
We would like to know how it tasted, how you used it, or something that comments
specifically to the product itself.
1,000 Points
Purchase a featured product
We will soon have a featured product of the month or quarter that will have
extra per product points in addition to the purchase points you normally acrue.
Keep an eye on your emails for which products are going to be on sale or in
our rotation of featured products!
Flavor Squad™ Campaign
We will selectively award points to participants of a Flavor Squad™ campaign based
on performance, detail of feedback in the survey, and any “above and beyond” effort put forth.
0-8,000 points
Celebrate your Birthday
On your birthday you will receive an email with a coupon code that is valid
through the end of the calendar year worth 5000 points. If you didn’t provide your
birthday when you signed up then be sure to drop us a line at the bottom of this
page and let us know!
5,000 Points

Go earn some Flavor Bucks!