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Greek Seasoning

Greek herb blends can vary greatly, just like how every mom has
her own version of Chicken Noodle Soup. We at Rae & Ryan’s have
taken the traditional foundation of staple herbs and spices to bring
you a full-bodied blend that does justice to this age-old tradition.
Like most of our products, there is no salt in this mix so you can
dial in the flavor level you want with ease. Great in soups, rice, on
grilled chicken, in compound butters, and in salad dressing; This
blend is very versatile and sure to be a crowd-pleaser!!!

See the Recipe Ideas tab for great ways to use this product!

All of our products come vacuum sealed in a non-reactive and food safe Mylar bag with a tamper-evident and heat-sealed tear-away strip. The Mylar bag features a reusable zipper closure for ease of use and storage which eliminates needing to transfer the product to another container. These bags are light, oxygen, and odor-blocking for maximum protection from environmental factors that cause oxidation and rapid aging of volatile oils and flavor compounds. All of our products are sealed in these Mylar bags the day they are batched to ensure the best preservation of freshness and quality possible. Each product will also contain a 3-gram silica gel Tyvek desiccant packet to help absorb any moisture and oxygen in the bag over the course of its use. The desiccant packets are FDA approved as pharmaceutical/food grade and 100% non-toxic. We strongly encourage you to press all air out of the bag after each use before zipping close and to store bags in a cool place away from direct sunlight or any heat sources, such as an oven or microwave.


-This is what we believe in, it’s why we are here-

                        In this industry, all the big players in the market have to produce at such large volumes in order to be able to anticipate the demand of the market that product is often stockpiled and sitting around waiting for distribution. “It’ll always be available and it’s always on the shelf” is something you can count on. The downside is that when you go shopping and buy a jar of seasoning from any major brand in a grocery store the odds are very high that the product you picked up was produced a long, long time ago in a factory far away.

             I think we can all relate to what an old can of coffee grounds or a week old bottle of wine tastes like after it has been sitting around too long. It may have been good, even great, once… but time ages everyone and everything, sometimes for better, but usually for worse.

           Quality and Freshness are the primary goals that we at Rae&Ryan’s Gourmet Foods are looking to excel at, well besides creating new and unique flavors that will knock your socks off! We do not subscribe to the concept of compromising quality for the gains of quantity. We are not trying to make the fastest buck possible and get out before it all falls apart. We are working every day to create a brand you can trust and rely on to be the best and never compromise.

            That sounds good and well, but what does that actually mean you say? Well, that means that we are as close to the source of the ingredients as possible so we know how old they are. A select few ingredients we grow ourselves here at the homestead and it doesn’t get fresher than that. The rest we source fresh/raw and organic as much as possible which gets processed and dried on-site. The ingredients we can’t grow or source fresh we source already dried from only the highest of high-quality suppliers who also believe in our philosophy of quality over quantity.

           What this means for you as the consumer is that you are guaranteed to receive product that was produced within the last month or less, often less. Some of our less common products or large volume orders are made to order and shipped within three days. When you open a vacuum-sealed pouch of seasoning from Rae&Ryan’s your nose will know that what you hold in your hand has not been sitting in a hot factory, a flatbed truck or some lonely shelf for months or years. Your taste buds will confirm that what you have is the freshest and most potent seasoning available, short of going to your Grandma’s house.

            Stale and bland food doesn’t make any more sense than carrying a dull pocket knife or walking around with your shoelaces untied. I think we can all agree that:

Life’s too Short for Flavorless Food!

Greek Grilled Chicken


2-2.5 Lbs   Chicken leg meat.

2 Tbs       R&R Greek Seasoning

4oz         Olive Oil

4oz         Lemon Juice

Zest        Of 2 Lemons

1 Tbs       Salt(rounded)

Mix all ingredients except
chicken in a blender
and pureé until emulsified.
Marinade should yield apx 10 oz by
volume. Pour off 4 oz of marinade
and reserve in the fridge.
Place chicken in a bowl and
cover chicken in the remaining
6 oz of marinade, coating well.
Submerge chicken as best as you
can and then cover your bowl
with plastic wrap and place
in the fridge for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, fire up your
grill or preferred cooking method.
Cook chicken to 165 for white
meat and 180 for dark meat
while using any leftover marinade
from the bowl to baste during the
cooking process.

Once cooked, chop up the chicken
into bite-size pieces and place
into a clean bowl.
Blend the remaining marinade
from the fridge again to make
sure it is well emulsified
and pour over the cooked and
chopped chicken. Toss well
to coat completely with the
reserved marinade.
Serve alongside your favorite
side dishes!

How to make Marinated Grilled Chicken!


Greek Salad Dressing

1.5 C   Greek Yogurt

1.5 tsp Salt

1/2 tsp Fresh-Cracked Black Pepper

1/4 C   Lemon Juice

1/3 C   Olive Oil

1.5 Tbs  Rae & Ryan's Greek Seasoning 
1-2 Tbs   White Sugar (to taste)
Combine all ingredients
except the oil and yogurt
and mix thoroughly.
Slowly drizzle in the oil
while whisking or blending
vigorously to emulsify.
Add the yogurt and mix
Best if allowed
to marinate in the fridge
for 2+ hours before use.

Greek Seasoning

Tested and Approved!

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