“The first week of August hangs at the very top of summer, the top of the live-long year, like the highest seat of a Ferris wheel when it pauses in its turning. The weeks that come before are only a climb from balmy spring, and those that follow a drop to the chill of autumn, but the first week of August is motionless, and hot. It is curiously silent, too, with blank white dawns and glaring noons, and sunsets smeared with too much color.”

―Natalie Babbitt, Tuck Everlasting

“Once something has outlived its usefulness in one area of life, its purpose for being in existence is no longer the same. The leaf that captures a stream of sunlight, and then transfers its energy to the tree, serves one purpose in the spring and summer, and another completely different one through the fall and winter.”

-Guy Finley

Come one, come all! The moment you’ve all been waiting for has arrived! The Flowers have sprung up and are in full bloom like trumpets heralding the majesty of the Summer. The fruits are ripe and ready for picking with their decadent sweetness wrapped up in every bite. The vegetables are almost more than you can keep up with as their pace hastily quickens while approaching harvest time. The days are hot and a struggle to bear as the narrative takes us on our journey, but the nights are a special kind of magic, a solace one could never imagine possible after the brutal heat of the day. There’s hope in the air as a cool breeze pleasantly catches you off guard and the shade of a tree shelters you from the sun.  Our story has come to its climax, the peak of accomplishment as we revel in the harvest of our investments planted all year long. Alas, all good things must come to an end though as we fall upon the end of the season and Autumn’s curtain call draws nigh…
Here in perpetually, unwaveringly, sunny San Diego it is pretty much summer year-round. For some, that is paradise, for others that is more sun than is welcome. We jokingly say that Southern California has only two seasons, summer and un-summer. Spring, Fall, and Winter are merely nods of the hat in passing as the weather here is ever so consistent. The plus side to that is many many days of great picnic and BBQ weather as well as one of the longest growing seasons in the country.  Even though we personally are in the “too much sun” camp, we do enjoy the ability to go outside all year round and all the extra yummy foods we are able to grow in this climate.

One of our favorite things to eat is BBQ! Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish, you name it and we’ve grilled or BBQ’d it! We BBQ and grill year-round in sunny San Diego and even on the off chance it rains, I’m probably still standing over a grill. A few years back we bought a Traeger pellet smoker and that has changed the way we cook! I still own and use a gas grill and a full barrel charcoal grill in addition to the smoker because each has its own area where it shines best.
See our BLOG POST on summer cooking for the full rundown on how to best use each grill type and snag some killer recipes!

Up until quarantine, we enjoyed regular trips to Mexico for a weekend getaway or just a day trip taco run. One of our absolute favorites is seeking out the best Al Pastor taco spot where they do it up right on a vertical rotisserie spit. We have our favorites and it is absolutely worth the drive to TJ or Rosarito for said taco. We couldn’t take the cravings anymore so we took the time to research and reverse engineer this classic flavor and we are proud to bring you a product that is very authentic and traditional in flavor with an approachable recipe for homemade Al Pastor! The logo below will link you to the product page which also has a complete recipe and instructions for how to make this famous taco at home!
If you want to learn more about styles of tacos in general or the true history of Cinco de Mayo then check out our blog HERE that covers both!
Another new release is our Chipotle Powder that has more options than most people realize. Morita Chipotle is the most classic and the only one that many are aware of, but we also offer Meco Chipotle which is very different and quite uncommon. We also offer a 50/50 blend of the two as well! The logo below will link you to the full description of each and their differences, but in short Morita Chipotle is bright, pungent, and spicy while the Mecos are much smokier, sweeter, and full of nuance layers of complexity. Check out the link below for the full rundown on this iconic Chilé pepper!
Also check out the link below to join our Flavor Squad™ program to try new products before their official release! Click the link to see what is coming next!



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